Monday, August 17, 2009

4 months, WHAT?

Ok.... I know, it's been 4 months since I last blogged. You're 4 months older, 4 months wiser and I'm 4 months (still) fatter. You have been SO busy, learning new things, I've been learning new things, we're still having a blast little girl. O.k., so in the past 4 months, let me take you down memory row.

May 13th, 2008

Daddy and I took you to have an MRI at PCH. You were so brave, so little and dressed to kill. The Dr.'s and nurses had to put you under because you had to lay really still as they did an MRI on your right femur and hip. Daddy and I had to wait in the waiting room where other families were waiting for their babies/child to finish up with whatever procedure they were doing as well. Sitting at PCH with other families gives you this bond with them, you will never speak a word to them but the glance and smile they give you lets you know "you're not in this alone".

We waited for over an hour, I was getting SO jittery, I wanted to see you so badly. Finally, after an hour and 15 minutes the nurse came and got us. We walked down this long hallway and halfway to your room, I heard you cry. Your cry rather was more like a scream cry. I got to you. You were not wanting to take a bottle. The nurses didn't know what to do. I switched the nipple on the bottle to the one you are use to and you took your "baby gatorade" right away. I held you, I kissed you, I told you how brave you were. We go home, I sat in the backseat with you in the car so that I could make sure you were o.k. You were groggy, oh so tired. You slept for a few hours after we arrived home and so did I. PCH wanted us there super early for your procedure.

A few days later. Dr. Vu's office called. Your right femur looks great and your hips are fully formed!!!! (Can you say, THANK YOU!!!!).

Daddy and I shared tears in our bathroom as soon as I got off the phone with Dr. Vu's assistant, Jennifer. We love good news!!

I love you girl, you're my fighter, my sweet girl.