Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tiny Bubbles

Girl, you are enjoying being out of that nasty cast. You still have to wear a hip brace for another 5 1/2 months but it is removable so I can give you some time during the day to stretch out and move about. You are starting to FINALLY get up on your it's just the waiting game when you crawl using your bent knees, I can't wait. During the day, you and Triston will go into mommy and daddy's bedroom and sing on the WII. You love it. In fact, whenever you see the microphone, you grab it and scream into it, it's so cute.

You're still loving the baths too. Lots of bubbles is what you demand and you love kicking your legs in the warm water. You splash lots too. I mean, A LOT!

Look at the fun you're having here!

Well, we're off to go and have lunch as a family......I'm tired, just cleaned but I look forward to going out with you, daddy and Triston.

Kisses my girl.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finally FREE

Last Monday, January 4th, you had your spica cast taken off. It was terrible seeing you scream for 30 LONG minutes while they used a scary tool to remove the cast. I cried. There was nothing I could do but finally, after the cast was off, I was able to see your legs! Honestly, it was like having you ALL OVER AGAIN because you felt like a "new baby". You were very sore for days. Any movement you made, well, you cried. If I picked you up the wrong way, you cried. I took you home from Dr. Vu's office to a very exciting daddy and brother. I let Triston hold you, he cried, he cried happy tears because he finally thought you were out of pain. Your legs were really dry so daddy gave you a very long bath in our kitchen sink. You were SO happy to finally have a bath after 3 long months.

A week or so later, you are not crawling yet, just pulling yourself around with your arms but that is o.k. Day by day, right?

I love you Gillian, you're such a trooper, such a strong girl and I can't imagine life without you! You are my sweet girl, I am so grateful for Jehovah giving me you!