Sunday, April 11, 2010

Becoming YOU

I can't believe your 15 months old already. Time is going by so fast because we're having so much fun. Dr. Vu moved to another office and I'm having such a hard time scheduling your next appointment with him. That is my mission for tomorrow, an appointment with our miracle worker.

As far as you, little girl. You are standing on your own with the help of furniture or your crib bar. You like to jump in your crib (of course, still holding on to something). You fell out of your crib a few weeks ago, I mean, that is how determined you are and don't worry, we lowered it and your safe.

You crawl military style like a pro, I mean, you're SUPER FAST. The words you say are: mama, baba, idunno (I don't know), hello, hi, nee nee. When you see or smell food you say "Mmmm", you always want to eat. When you see a toy you want, you say, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah". You love to chat and you love to express yourself. You love other babies. You love life. You love me and I love you so much too my little Gillybean.

We love music and obviously you do it, if any, I mean ANY sort of music comes out being on the radio, t.v. show, movie or a tampax commerial you boogie down! It's so sweet and so cute.

Memorial Picture of you and I.

I love you Gilly,