Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I can't even believe it's been TWO YEARS since you were born. Two years!! That's 730 wonderful, beautiful, tiresome, busy, relaxed, sleep deprived days with you baby girl. Two years, you have had numerous leg casts for your foot, 2 body casts, two surgeries, one of your foot and one on your hip, u/s, MRI's. You have gone through so much in 730 days than most people go through in their lives and guess what? It made you who you are now, a loving, patient and attentive little girl. My sweet Gillian. I love you so much.

This is mommy at your baby shower. I opened up a present from a friend, a tiny little silver bracelet.....I was overwhelmed with it all.....a confirmation from a friend that I was pregnant with you, a sweet girl. A simple, silver bracelet.

Here are some pics through the past 2 years, just a few of them.....I have thousands!

This is your a day after you were born.

Few months old....

Being a sport about having to wear Spica cast #1.

Recovering after surgery and spica cast #2 put on.

That's my girl!!!