Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hold up, almost a YEAR has gone by?

Yup, I'm a bad mom. I can't believe I let a year slipped by me without posting ANYTHING on this blog. I have a good reason though, you and Triston have kept me so busy the past year it's NUTS!

In the past year, let me see if I can recap what has gone down. After your surgery, the second big one where they had to cut into your hip, you obviously started to walk so you kept me busy, busy, busy making up for all the time you were stuck in that stupid Spica cast. You learned a lot of new words and now you are forming some pretty decent sentences. Triston started the 4th grade and FINISHED the 4th grade since I last wrote in the blog and now he is officially a 5th grader. You my little girl are now 3 1/2 years old and full of ATTITUDE and you are SO FUNNY! Sometimes I wonder where in the heck did you get all your funnies from but hello, it must have been passed down from me! (wink wink)

Last year in August of 2011 we went to North and South Carolina where you were able to finally meet your grandpa Ragan for the very first time. I appreciate the fact that we spent time int he Carolinas because just a month after you met him, your grandpa fell ill and passed away suddenly. I'm sad that you will never have memories that you will remember of him but he was a good man. He could have been a better grandfather to you and Triston but he did give us your dad and without daddy, you and Triston would have never been here. It was a sad time for your dad to lose his dad. It was so sudden, so fast. It only makes me appreciate the relationship that you and Triston have with Papa. Papa loves you and Triston so much but he's trying REALLY hard for you to truly open up to him. You'll give him a kiss and hug ONLY if he pays you a dollar. Sometimes if he's in a good mood he will give you 5 bucks! LOL.

Though I have not written on your blog in about a year, I did capture a lot of photos and movies that I put on Youtube.

I'm off to teach my first Wednesday morning Zumba class so as soon as I can, I'll post some videos here on your blog. You and Triston are going to Papa and Lola's house because dad has a really important phone interview today and we want daddy to get the job!

I love you Triston and Gillian.

Until I post again.

Love you always,