Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One day...your story will be told

One day sweet girl, we will tell you how hard mommy and daddy cried, weaped and fought for you. One day you will see that we did everything we could to make "this" right. You will see, one day the endless visits to Dr.'s, specialists and children's hospitals we took you too. One day, I hope you know how badly we wanted to make it "right". The day will come and you will see how mommy and daddy WON that fight and we hope you look at us as and appreciate all the hard work as parents we did and will continue to do for you sweet girl.

Monday, February 10th, a visit to Phoenix Children's Hospital. I sat with you in the waiting room as endless amounts of children and their parents came in to wait to see their Dr.'s. A lot of children who are fighting for their lives. I sat there and wondered how their parents are coping and I realize, they are probably doing the same thing mommy and daddy are doing, fighting!! I saw a little girl who was around 2 years old who I know will never be right. I noticed she already had brain surgery. I also noticed that her mom looks at her as if she was the best thing that was on planet earth and you know what, she was. This little girl, though so sick was so darling and looked at her mommy with eyes of an angel. She was perfect even to me, though I know she is not perfectly healthy. I know there are children in this world who is so far off, there is nothing anyone could do except their parents giving them endless love. I hope my friends and family who have little ones truly appreciate how fortunate they are to have healthy children. I hope they appreciate that the only visits to doctors offices is for the cold they got at school. You, my love, you are my miracle. You are my sweet baby girl. My dream come true.

Here is the visit to Phoenix Children's Hospital. You did great! Just look and see! It was rainy and cold that Monday, so I put you in the Oriental Inspired outfit Mike Fontana got you!

Here is the U/S tech who did your hip ultra-sound.
You did great!
I had to feed you to keep you comfy while you had the U/S.

You were so comfy, you feel asleep.

You go back in a week for another U/S. I know you're going to do great!



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sleep little one, sleep....

My sweet pink angel.

I haven't had a nights sleep in 7 weeks, Miss G. My favorite moments is when you wake up for a feeding, I nurse you, I burp you and then you get to sleep on my chest for a few. I love having the top of your head hit my lips because it's easy access for lots of kisses when you're laying on my chest. You smile in your sleep and it looks like it's rubbing off because now you are slowing smiling while you are awake. I don't mind waking up with you in the middle of the night because it's a reminder of how lucky I am that you are here with us. My sweet baby girl, I love you. I have a lot of favorites with you, by far however , my favorite is when you and daddy find some time for a nap in the afternoon.

I watched a little face sleeping, eyelashes fluttering so, I wondered of the dream you were having, and if angels were playing there. I watched a little face sleeping, your little mouth was smiling so, I hope that you are as happy as me, holding you in my arms. I watched a little face sleeping, making sure of the breath you take, to watch you breathe and keep you safe, is all that matters to me. I watched a little face sleeping, holding your small hand in mine, five little fingers on each hand, as one hangs onto mine. I watched a little face sleeping, and as I prayed to myself, I thank God for letting me watch a little face sleeping.

Good night Gillian.

I love you,