Friday, December 18, 2009

Seriously, I can't be this busy!!!

I can't even believe that a year has gone by, well, actually, a year tomorrow. Today, your big brother turned 8 and tomorrow, my love, my sweet little girl, you will be a 1 year old!! Where did the year go? Someone please tell me because I have NO idea where it went!!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted on the blog, baby G. I've been so busy home school Triston and you, for the past 2 months, 1 week have been in a spica cast (full body cast) for your hip and club foot.

Despite the fact your right femur was totally dislocated when you came into this world, you have found your own way to get around. You're SO strong. Your first word was mama. Whenever daddy asks you to say, "daddy", the only word that comes out of your sweet mouth is "mama". You love, LOVE to dance and you love the song, "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. You bounce around and love, LOVE watching the music video. O.k., so maybe not age appropriate for a little baby girl but you LOVE the song and darn it, you can have your way, at least just this time.

October 27th, of 2009, you went in for a 2 hour surgery to get your femur/hip into place. This is you in the video below, once they gave you some "happy medicine". You were so hungry because you couldn't drink milk after 4 a.m. and you needed some calming down. The medication worked, you became loopy. Even then, while you were being rolled away from me in this cage looking crib, you were so happy. Calm and happy. My heart, my heart was heavy and I already missed you. It was the longest 2 1/2 hours of my life. You're so brave, Gillian, always be brave.

You have to wear the spica cast for 12 weeks. Dr. Vu told me yesterday at your visit that you have 21 days left, wahoo! I miss your legs, I can't wait to give you a bath!!! I love you Gillian so much, I am so blessed you are my daughter.



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you are such a good mama Jen!