Saturday, October 4, 2008

Going to give it a try

My friend Jaime was brave enough to do it, so here I am. I remember when I was pregnant with Triston, how awesome it would be to create a diary about how life was leading up to his arrival. My friend Delisa gave me this beautiful leather diary and I think I got up to page 3 before I quit. Something about sitting down and actually using a pen to "write" something seemed too foreign, especially when I can type about 100 words a minute.

So, here I am, I'm going to blog whenever I think of something that I care about, worry about, love truly and things that enter this crazy brain of mine. Something are just too important to think about without at least documenting it to review later.

It's kinda like are cleaning out a drawer in your kitchen, ya know the "drawer" that you throw EVERYTHING into? So, after pulling everything out, you find an envelope, a letter, a note, something you wrote something important on. You pick it up, look at the contents, read it and think, wow, that really happened or that was once truly so important to me. I love finding invitations to parties, baby showers, "get togethers" or anniversary parties. Whenever I find an old one, all these memories rush back to me and it impels me to go to my computer and pull up the album of photos from that particular event and relive all the moments of what made that day so special.

Here is the twist: Life is NOT one big party and we all tend to go through times were it feels like the biggest bus has hit us head on and we need to STOP and try to catch our breathe. There are times where at the moment, we wish we were not living it and want to hide. I've gone through that recently the day we found out our little one is a girl. I was so happy to know that I would be a mom to a daughter yet at the same time, this little girl in me was someone who I didn't want to truly feel. A way your body protects you from a possible potential "hurt".

Mind you, it has gotten better and we will have the chance to love baby Gillian. I still do, like any normal pregnancy, have all the fears of being pregnant and preparing for "D-DAY". I want to document my life as a wife, mom and pregnant woman. So, here is my story, day to day, starting now.


My crazy crazy life said...

OMG, you gotta be kidding me!!! You write girl, you're making me look bad! Hahahaha, I love that sweet and touching. Keep it up and I'll read everyday. Love you!

Mrs.Misuraca said...

I love it too...keep up the good work. It is great to be able to hear small chronicles of my good friends days, the thoughts, challenges and emotions that power each of our days,,,the lessons we learn or the questions that perhaps go unanswered until a later date...
It was great and I am definately a subscriber :)