Saturday, July 17, 2010

18 months old, REALLY?

Has it really been a year and a half since you made your grand appearance into this world? YUP. I can't believe I have a second child, let alone a baby girl to boot. You're so awesome Gillian and I'm so sorry I have been so busy and neglected to post some milestones. So here you go, the following are the words and activities you like to say and do.

Words that come to mind:

I dunno = I dunno & you raise your hands up in the air when you say it
bottle = baba
mama = well, that would be me
Nene = Triston
baby = naby
1,2,3 = nun, twu, twee
dora = Dora

Your absolute favorite thing right now is anything Dora. You're obsessed. Like, really obsessed. You're not walking on your own just yet but in a week from now, we are getting on our way so you can with your big surgery and all.

You love to give kisses, lots of them. You and I can lay in bed for 10 minutes and all you want to do is give your mama lots of kisses all over her face. We got a puppy, Jasper, and when he barks, you bark. I do have to say that your mucho favorite thing by far is Triston. You love your big brother and he loves you so much too.

The puppy is nibbling at your toes right now....going to go play with you two.



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