Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Macbook

Between you and Triston, it was bound to happen. My Macbook died, done, crashed, wouldn't even turn on. So needless to say I haven't had a chance to blog about you or Triston. Now that I have a new computer, it's time to talk about you and your big brother.

We just got back from you and Triston's first cruise down the Mexican Rivera. It was amazing. You kept GOING and GOING and so did Triston. He actually stayed out til 3:30 in the morning with cousin Rylee. It was a party that Carnival had for kids. You two were so tired on the drive home from California, all you did was sleep. Both of you. Here are some pics of you and Triston on the trip.

We went on this trip with the entire family. That's right! Papa, Lola, Tammy, Rob, Ireland, Rylee, Crystal, Eli, Noah, Charlie and our little family....all on one trip. It was so much fun. Both you and Triston had the best time. So did I. We plan on going on another family cruise soon and I can't wait.

I can't wait to do more vacations with you and Triston. Explore new things. Make new memories.

I love you,


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My crazy crazy life said...

Oh dear Gawd Gillian, look at your mama's hair! hahahahah....I heard you had a blast on that cruise....I loved seeing you danging around on that deck. Many more vacations to come with you running your parents ragged. I love it!