Monday, January 5, 2009

2 weeks baby girl!

Oh Gillian, it's been over 2 weeks since I met you, my sweet little girl. I can't beleive for 17 weeks, while pregnant with you, I refered to you as a "him or a he". I was certain that I was having another boy and knew in my head that there is no way I could have a little girl because I was just so use to have a son. I was surprised when the U/S tech said, it's a girl. I'll never forget the happy tears I shed as I told your daddy that he will be walking his daughter down the isle in years to come. When you are older, I will tell you all about the pregnancy, the tears shed between your father and I, the stress we carried and the happiness when we finally met you my sweet baby girl.

Your daddy is over the moon with you (as we all our). There is just something to be said when a father holds his little girl. Your his, period, daddy's little girl.
Yesterday we took you to your first meeting at the Hall. I was so happy to show you off as many knew the hard road we took in order to get you here. You made everyone smile, people flocked to you to see who our little miracle was, who she was all about. I was so proud!
Everyday I wake up and I smile, I have my boy, I have my girl. Though I know the road ahead of us could be rough, just know that as my daughter, I will take care of you and will never let you down.

I love Gillian!
Your mommy

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My crazy crazy life said...

Girl, I am tired and I am hungry so you gotta know I'm all kinds of vulnerable right now and with this post where you're talking to
Gillian, just has me bawling my head off. She is truly OUR little miracle. I feel so close to her. I miss her so much...I wish we lived closer!