Thursday, January 22, 2009

A visit to Dr. Vu

Getting ready to go to Dr. Vu, my love.

It was just you and I today, here's the long stroll to his office.

We made it!
We paid the co-pay and now we wait to see him.

Here is the hard table they lay you on. They certainly do not make it for comfort!

Here he is checking out your foot, you were so calm!

Now you're pissed off, you have your cast back on. I don't blame you baby.

We go back next Friday at 11:30, then you and I will go get a burger at the Magic Mushroom Burger Shop.

I love you.



My crazy crazy life said...

I am loving the barrette in the first pic and I'm not kidding...where is my blankie????

My crazy crazy life said...

I also love how the bottle is propped in first pic! I've taught you well Daniel-Son.

Kindle Marie said...

How absolutely sweet! She will treasure this for years to come! Except for the farting like a man Congrats mommy!