Monday, January 19, 2009

A month later

Trying to suck on her arm...

I gave her a new hair-do after her bath.

My sweet girl, today you are 4 weeks and 2 days old. You are asleep on the leather couch right now, mostly because I wanted to put you in a room where it wasn't so hot. Our A/C broke and sadly in Arizona, even in January, you need A/C. G, you are in REM right now, hopefully dreaming about giving mommy and daddy a great nights sleep. Look how little you are, I layed my hand next to you so others can see just how "newborn" little you are.One day when your older and your curious as to why I take so many photos of you and Triston, well, it's simple.. I have only one photo of me as a toddler....and then it picks back up when I'm 5. I wish I had more but my parents didn't have the money to document my early years of life...and who am I kidding, technology NOW is amazing.

Triston and daddy are playing Rockband and I've been cooking eggplant parm for dinner, very low-key day. It's MLK today and tomorrow, these United States of America gets a new President. You have an appointment tomorrow with Dr. Hauben, you get shots...I'm concerned about the shots ordeal because they give it into your legs and you only have one leg available as your left leg is in a full leg cast. I know Dr. Hauben will make it work, he adores you. Funny thing to mention is that tomorrow will mark your THIRD, yes I said 3rd visit with him in under a week.....I know, I know, I worry about you G....he told me to relax....easier said then done.

Now that she is more on a schedule...and I'm finally getting the hang on this baby thing, I plan on blogging more often...I can't wait for you to read this later on in life...because it will only confirm it all my love that I love you so much and daddy and I fought for you to be here and will never get out of the ring. Fight on girl, you deserve it.

I love you G.


My crazy crazy life said...

Jen, that was so precious. I love how you put your hand next to her to show her size and I love how she's sleeping on her tummy. Just so sweet and so calm. Babies are so precious and G is just so much more precious for so many more reasons.

and_she_makes_four said...

Your comment made me cry. Thanks Jaime, I wuv you!