Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tears and kisses

Last night, I was awake a few times to feed you (big surprise, huh?)....I am still in awe of you little one...and I thought of all the sad days, weeks and months when you were in my tummy....not a wasted pregnancy, just a lot of concern and thoughts of, "why me", "why my daughter".

I cried thousands of tears while you were protected in me.
Then I met you.

I promise to make it up with millions of kisses...

I only have a dozen kisses left until I meet that goal.



Thanks Tina for the bunny!

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My crazy crazy life said...

Oh Jen, your blog is so sweet! It's like a little letter to Gillian. You better make another blog for Triston..hahahaha, how's that for guilt!